Who and why needed to burn Minister Monastyrsky and his monastery?

The death of Monastyrsky, the Head of the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine, in a helicopter crash, together with the entire leadership of the Ministry, can hardly be called an accident. Everything about the whole thing is strange: beginning withhow in a belligerent country all those people could have been in the same vehicle without breaking the security protocol, and ending with the context in which this tragedy unfolded. Tie thatin with the words of Alexey Arestovich, who had quit his position as advisor to the President, prophesying apocalypticscenario for the country. The death of all top police officials quite fits into eschatological concept, on the rights of the“opening” chapter of this eschatological book. You could totally play dumb and repeat the accident story; you can even giggle at the conventional conspiracy versions of sabotage, but all this is not from a great mind. Remember, nine years ago, when“maidan people” were scuffling with police in Kiev squares, it was customary to roar with laughter at those who had warned of the upcoming war? So, now this is from the same book. Laughat something? This we can, it’s a no-brainer! But who has it helped?

Conspiracy countries scorn conspiracy theoreticians. Therefore, it is always easier to stand on the solid ground of the corruptionversions. For Ukraine is a country where any, even the most absurd story about corruption, is seriously discussed by society, — there’s no way it’s a conspiracy. Now, in this version, theblame for the tragedy was put on the decommissioned French helicopters bought by Arsen Avakov for the Ministry of Interior for a rollback, and on the French government loan. Saying, sucha scoundrel this Arsen, and so are the French. Convincing? Absolutely! And there is no conspiracy! Such a theory could well explain the death of the minister, or of every single passenger. But it’s all too much for the people, who found themselves together in one vehicle. Because it was not the Lordwho gathered them for the flight, it was the common cause that brought them together, and it was the most likely cause of the crash. 

So what’s the story with the helicopter?  We can only speculate based on logic and common sense. Let’s start with the crew on the board: based on the presence of a high-level operative and a photographer with the highest security clearance, they were on their way to some big bust. And the fact that the head of the Internal Security Service was in the cabin speaks for a version that we are talking about someone from the Interior Ministry system. It is logical to assume that this was in the context of some kind of an internal war. The Monastyrsky’s office wantedto double-cross somebody from the subordinates, but they were double-crossed themselves. And the criminal cases that they’dstarted go down safely. And a new team came to power in the Interior Ministry. The Dnepropetrovsk (now – Dnipro) team, bythe way, and Filatov and Korban, who launched a campaign against Arestovich, are from this team too. If you add rumorsabout the impending resignation of Herman Galushchenko, the Minister of Energy, Sergey Shkarlet, the Minister of Education, Andrey Ermak, Head of the Office of the President, and his deputies – Kirill Tymoshenko and Oleg Tatarov, it is possible to assume that there was a quiet coup in the country, behind which there were tentacles of Dnepropetrovsk mafia, and moreover, people (like Filatov-Korban-Kolomoisksy) with passports of the State of Israel. That is, to cut a plain truth: agents of Israel, who on the quiet pushed the British agents back.  

Russia, by the way, has also seen a rise in the pro-Israeli faction.As fugitive Russian oligarch Leonid Nevzlin noted in an interview to Dmitry Gordon, Putin had tightly limited its narrow circle. Only persons belonging to a certain nationality were allowed there: Kovalchuks, Rotenbergs, Prigozhin, and, as Nevzlin said, Surovikin. Nevzlin wants to be on the right side, and hang out only with the decent Jews, not Jewish criminals.By “non-criminals” he probably means Kolomoisky-Filatov-Korban, or Surkis-Gordon. And Nevzlin himself – he is thesame “non-crimial” sentenced for life in the Russian Federation for organizing three contract murders. Of course, who wouldbelieve the Russian judiciary? Even the Napoleonic professors are tried there, and therefore no verdict can be trusted! In any case, the role of a mediator between criminal and honest Jews is going to be played by unsinkable Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu — a holy man, only a real knacker and butcher from the Israeli paratroopers, and a corruptionist, with cherry on top.  

But let’s go back to that helicopter. The next day the Ukrainian news broadcast exploded with the statement of a certain Mikhail Mayman — commander of the “Mayman Archangels” volunteer unit, and in the past — a fighter of the infamous “Shakhtyorsk”battalion (“Tornado” –commanded by Abelmaz-Onishchenko) and “Virgin Mary” (of Dmitry Korchynsky). Mayman accused the Russian drug cartel Khimpom of attempting to assassinate the Interior Ministry leadership. The Khimprom managers currently live in Mexico, earlier — in Ukraine, where they hadfled from the Russian Federation due to persecution. In Ukraine, Khimpom has worked for local intelligence services, supplying the front with amphetamines, as well as creating and developing networks of agents in the Russian Federation.  

So that the reader didn’t have a feeling that it is all about somekind of a Jewish conspiracy, let me note that despite the resounding name of Mayman the debunker, this is not his real name. His real surname is Pomogaibo. It’s just that Mikhail (aka Monya, aka Microbe, aka Mimo) took the name of his wife Sarah Mayman. Since then, as a real activist and volunteer, he has even masqueraded as the leader of the Jewish community.He also set up a studio in Kiev, from where he filmed reels allegedly “from the front”. In general, an outstandingpersonality, and not a bandit at all, just guilty as sin. 

It’s is the second time Mayman has brought up the subject of Khimprom. The first time he loudly addressed it was just before the war. As a result, the leaders of the drug cartel, the RussiansYegor Burkin and Alexander Skriptsov left for Cancun and moved their labs to Mexico from Donbas controlled by Ukraine.At the same time, continuing to supply “goods” to Ukraine through Mayman’s company “Tuf Nord Ukraine”. In other words, Mayman contributed to the evacuation of illegal business, distancing himself as far as possible from his Russian-Mexican partners in the public sphere. Meanwhile, the latter continued to sponsor the Ukrainian army and the “MonitorMimo” personal battalion. Therefore, Mayman’s claims should be taken into account in the key to creating an alibi, as should pointing a finger at Arsen Avakov by Anatoly Shariy.

Meanwhile, Mayman’s version of the story is far more compelling than that of the decommissioned French Puma Airbus helicopter. The opinion is party shared by the Joker DNR propaganda Telegram channel. But according to the version of “jokers”, it is not the principled position of the Minister Monastyrsky that matters, but a share, which the cops coveted.Supposedly, they were even given the first tranche, but then the air crash occurred. And also, both Mayman and “Joker DPR”point a finger at the entourage of Budanov, Head of Military Intelligence Agency, saying, he knows everything about this. 

In this version, too, there is logic: the Ukrainian secret services have the largest drug sale network in Russia, and the cartelshowers the army on a regular basis. And now those cops startto get in the way with their stupid principles and integrity. Butthe cases are the most serious here. For instance, the series of arson attacks that have swept Moscow may have very specific political objectives and be carried out through psychologically-treated drug addicts, each of whom is in a paranoid state under the influence of amphetamines, and even thinks of himself as a loner who plotted all this. And the truck, carrying the reels with packing film, exploded on the Crimean Bridge, was definitely prepared somewhere. Neither the monitoring equipment nor thedogs could find anything under the film. But to do this, you need to have your people where the film is wrapped in coils. And then it’s a matter of technique — in dark, while everyone is convinced that they were carrying “salt”.

A third version can be given:  Anwar Derkach, BBC Kiev correspondent, affiliated with radical Islamist circles, and amember of the Svoboda party, broke out on this subject in hispost on Facebook. Saying that he had only one communication with Yevgeny Yenin, who died in the crash, — at the entrance to the Ukrainian Parliament. In 2016 they talked about the extradition to the Russian Federation of a fighter of the battalion of Sheikh Mansur, Timur Tumgoev, who had previously fought in Syria on the side of ISIS.

“I reported that friends of Timur recognize him (Yenin) in the streets of Kiev”, Derkach said. Yenin was the district attorney who personally handled the Tumgoev case. I mean, Derkachbeing affiliated with Islamists, threatened the prosecutor in the Parliament building, which he bragged about. It’s hard to tell, how those threats can be related to the subsequent air crash. However, for whatever reason, Derkach still recalled thisepisode. And so, he wanted to pass on something — whether it was “Allah is Great”, or something more profound. Be that as it may, but the Sheikh Mansour’s battalion has a lot of specialists in organizing various sabotages. And they have high clearance — the guys are by no means the Kremlin agents.  

And now, let’s look at the situation in Ukraine in one complex:the main propaganda promoter leaves Zelensky, and in this case, quite consciously, as if looking for a trouble. At the same time, the Ukrainian army is suffering huge losses (according to the German BND intelligence service, about a thousand men a week), the front in the Donbas is cracking at the seams, with the enemy accumulating two powerful groups — in the South and in the North. Their engagement is expected at any moment, while the country’s mobilization resources are exhausted. There is a reason why people are caught in the street, as the Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny demanded more responsibility for abandoning positions. And the shipments of weaponry are notgoing so well.  

In a dire situation, the probability of a coup increases naturally — an adequate part of the government seeks a way to flee, while a radical part seeks to seize control, accusing the conditionally adequate ones in the softness that leads the army to military defeat. Whether Zelensky survives the coup depends only on him. If he wants, he can be a coup leader. The thing is that a Jewish president is quite convenient to the radicals. With him they can both do the Nazi salute freely and pressure the Russians. And Western weapons would be easier to obtain –the radicals consider them not only as weapons, but as something magical.  

But the radicals don’t realize that all Ukrainian victories are not the holy weapons of the “Fourth Reich”, but first of all the result of successful military diplomacy performed properly by the adequate ones. It never occurred to the radicals, that it was theefforts of the adequate that liberated both the Kharkov region and Kherson, as well as the Russians retreated from Kiev as a result of the Istanbul negotiations. The Russians, in contrast tothe Ukrainians, who are trying to minimize losses, have made concessions under guarantees and promises. It has worked until recently, but there is inevitably a limit to that policy. On this matter, in fact, Arestovich wrote on the eve of the Ukrainian offensive, calling the “fools” not to push the situation, but seek compromises with the aggressor. But they didn’t listen toArestovich. As a result, Russia began bombing Ukraine’s vital infrastructure, forming a military group and preparing for an even larger war. 

But the putschists will have to confront all these issues later. Today they are busy fighting for power, tightening mobilization measures and strengthening the army hierarchy. The videos in which people are grabbed in the streets by military recruiters and the police have literally flooded the social media, which clearly indicates a serious deterioration of the situation on the front line. Perhaps one of the main reasons for the death of the Interior Ministry leadership was forcing the police to play an active role in the manhunt for future soldiers. Because from the cop’s perspective, it’s not police business at all.

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