Organ trader is watching you from drone

Why are transplantologists now legally assimilated to the police, ambulances, and firefighters despite the small number of official operations?  

On February, 2, the Ukrainian Parliament supported a law granting the right to use light and sound signals to the transplantation team vehicles. Transplantologists are now equated with the police, ambulance, and firefighters, — apparently, due to the high demand. Now, as the national media happily wrote, transplantologists would be able to quickly deliver organs to those in need. From myself I shall add: and to quickly take the organs out as well. 

There are some serious questions about the law. Let’s begin, as we should, with the dry numbers. Over the past year, 384 organ transplants have been carried out in Ukraine. It’s only 20% more than a year ago, which means that despite the dramatic increase in the number of potential donors (enough of the mortally wounded enter the hospitals today), it has not been reflected in the official stats. A pitiful 20% increase does look bizarre. After all, the same combatants often need internal organs transplants, however, according to statistics, they don’t get them that often.  

Do you want me to tell you where the organs go? I think you can tell. Especially, considering the sums of money found during searches of the Ukrainian military, customs and law enforcement officers. Even Commander in Chief Zaluzhny, as you know, finds big bucks for expensive cars and for his mistresses. And yes, the main transplant center is now located in Lviv. Probably, in order to ensure that the doctors are ideologically correct, and the state border is nearer. At the same time, 384 operations do not constitute a volume, for the sake of which changes should be made to the legislation, and incorporate amendments to the heap of documents — from duty instructions to questions at examinations in traffic police. You don’t need to equip transplantologists with the flashing lights for that. However, if it came down to flashing lights, the size of the organs business makes it possible to create your lobby in the Parliament. And, you know, it’s a serious level. 

Let’s now continue in the context of the latest changes. The Liberal in its recent article on the death of Monastyrsky, the Interior Minister, wrote on these changes as a quiet coup, aimed at creating the war machine to the last Ukrainian. In the publication, besides connecting nationalists, foreign diplomats and the military, we also highlighted the role of the Khimpom drug cartel, i.e. the international drug mafia. Organ trafficking from war zones occurs in the same mafia-military polygon. The partially recognized State of Kosovo is to a large extent the product of this mafia, while the war between Russia and Ukraine resembles a broader version of the conflicts that arose when Yugoslavia was dissolved. Since then, as a matter of fact, the development of transplantation technology has gone a long way. 

The need for organs in the global market is so huge, that, for instance, in Massachusetts – a smithy of world medical science and practice, a bill has been introduced in Congress for the early release of the convicted who agreed to become organ donors. Such a medical (almost like PMC Wagner) system this is, but not through war, but in exchange for organs. I’m sure the authors were aware of all the reputational risks, and if they decided to shout so loudly out the window “Overton, home!”, then the organs are really lacking greatly.  

But let’s go back to the situation in Ukraine. Firstly, the Ukrainian Armed Forces suffer huge losses, but still try to cling to literally every square meter of territory. Sometimes perseverance is bordering on madness, while the fiercest battles, as a rule, are not fought in the forest, but near a trunk road, reducing the distance from the front to Kiev to several hours. Secondly, the losses of the Ukrainian military are so huge that the new mobilisation is carried out in the harshest way. Thirdly, command issues are also evident. If the Parliament, at the request of the Supreme Commander, passed a law on tougher criminal liability for violation of orders, then it is not just about GIs fun to go AWOL. With leaks like the one in the video, showing clashes between the soldiers and the officers sending them to march into certain death, it looks like Khimprom is no longer up to the task of maintaining morale. In general, it’s FUBAR on the front, but it means a larger number of potential internal organ donors. Don’t waste a good thing!

Soldiers don’t understand the meaning of a suicide mission  (YouTube video)

Despite this increase in the number of potential donors, only 384 organs have reached patients in Ukraine. The rest of the material was probably sent to replenish certain banks, and obviously outside of Ukraine.

Current expectations for new Western military equipment are high.  However, according to most experts, it is clearly not enough for a decisive change in the war. And the military assistance is not coming soon and not at the same time. That is, it will help not to win, but to fight longer, and therefore, to suffer constantly high losses. And the numerology matches (14 of Leopard 2 tanks and 88 Leopard 2 tanks from Germany) look derisive and illogical. Then, by the way, the 88 Leopards did grow to 178, but the figure 88 was announced officially. But the logic comes back, supposing that while the Ukrainian übermensch’s head is full with holivar and the  protection of Europe from the Russian orc, in the mind of the elder European brother there is a question that may take a significant place: “Where do we find a new liver for our old grandfather Fritz who has sworn not go back to Ukraine some seventy years ago?”. 

The mafia of organ traffickers is increasingly becoming the driving force behind modern warfare. And in Ukraine — a country that has, since Soviet times, albeit a bit backward but extensive medical infrastructure — ideal conditions have been created. In Latin America, people are just kidnapped, blamed for the drug cartel wars. By the way, the leaders of Khimprom live in Mexico, and apparently learned a lot and taught their curators from domestic special services. Therefore, in the context of a full-scale military conflict in Ukraine, Latin American schemes can reach such a gangster level point that the Parliament amends the law on special signals. This is not like intimidating the Chief of Police anywhere in Jalisco. In this country the entire Interior Ministry leadership was put in place for this, by the way. And this mafia will hold the population tightly in its hands, sending it to slaughter under the patriotic whistle of human rights NGOs and other draft exempted “representatives of categories ensuring the functioning of the economy and livelihoods during the special period”. At least wait until the Ukrainians realize the depth of cynicism of the system in which the commanding officer forces a combatant to stand to death, while watching him from the drone, and expecting the commissions he will receive upon the death of his subordinate. A system in which the human-body-in-parts trade chain extends to the highest corridors of power.

How have we come to this? It’s very simple: having started with the criminal looting of the nation’s property (as it was called in the USSR) and its division through murder, torture, kidnapping and the notorious iron soldering, we have formed new ruling elite who, although they had replaced leather jackets with Brioni suits, remained essentially the same criminals.  Criminals so primitive they couldn’t even settle amongst themselves without bringing the country to a state of war. And so, when suddenly it turned out that there was nothing remained to divide among themselves — assets were devalued in the process of division – they began to divide the last remaining bit, where it’s still possible to “earn”, i.e. taking humans apart for organs. Criminals always call crime the word «work» — wallet to steal, head to cut off…

The cartoon:

“It’s hell here! We need to evac immediately!”

“I can see you from the drone. What evac? The transplantologist is on his way.”

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