The world is facing bigger problems then Ukraine (Part1)

Do you believe in fairy tales? I don’t! And I certainly don’t believe in fairy tales by the media. And it does not matter whether they are writing about aliens from a neighboring planet, bloodthirsty tribes of Ukras and Orcs, cutting each other’s eyes out without anaesthesia and raping children with teaspoons, or superheroes with superpowers, shooting down planes with stones, incinerating all enemies with lasers, or shelling cities with anti-aircraft missiles. So the story about the American pilot who leaked classified documents to the web in order to show off in front of his gamer friends from a politically incorrect chat room forum is in no way credible. Too much of a fairy tale character. The content of the documents, on the other hand, is quite plausible. For, as the saying goes, “a tale is a lie, but there’s a hint in it.”    

Take, for example, the figures for losses on the Ukrainian side in the Russian-Ukrainian war.  Do you doubt that the losses are in the hundreds of thousands? I do not. This is roughly how it should be, given the intensity of the fighting and the tactics of standing to the death and frontal assaults borrowed from Stalin’s butchers. Or, here’s another one about the unpreparedness of the Ukrainian military for major offensives. Has anyone doubted their futility? Hiding military plans from Western handlers? Did you think they would tell the CIA the whole truth about the shelling and storming of Zaporizhzhya NPP and cleansing of the liberated territories? Maybe they also share stories about the “Khimprom” as an element of war? Or, here is a report saying that Patrushev, head of the Security Council, and Gerasimov, head of the Joined Staff, were planning to tank the military campaign last May, while Putin was undergoing chemotherapy. And why not? Quite so, if you look at the way the campaign has been and is being carried out. It’s not clear though whose side Dmitry Medvedev is on in this covert warfare, but that’s beside the point.  

All these, however, are hints of the first kind. Much more important is the fact that sensitive information on Ukraine has been disclosed in such an extravagant way. For, again, I reject the tale of the politically incorrect pilot who decides to show himself to his friends and screw over Grandpa Joe, who he doesn’t like, at least because of the stereotypical image of the warrior-Nazi. That is, a representative of those circles that the U.S. authorities declared war on by organizing the prosecution of Donald Trump. Obviously, we are talking about a large-scale staging by the intelligence services. And such leaks always occur before the closure of the project. More precisely, pushing it from the front pages of the news media to the periphery of international politics. Like the Wikileaks documents, which revealed much about Iraq and Afghanistan, but nothing about the forthcoming Arab Spring, or as the retired FBI translator Sybil Edmonds called the project, «Gladio B». It looks like it will be the same with Ukraine — a reduction in funding, in the level of diplomatic support, and everything that we have already noted after French President Macron’s visit to China. And it does not matter whether the spring offensive named after Zelensky on Genichesk and Melitopol takes place, whether the Ukrainian military will be able to advance due to this offensive, in whose hands Zaporizhzhya NPP will remain — the world will have more important things to deal with in the next few days than Ukraine.  

Here, for example, are activities in support of the Palestinian people’s struggle for independence. Iran held a naval parade involving tens of thousands of ships in the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea. Commercial, fishing, etc. vessels under the cover of naval and aviation forces, led by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Only yesterday it seemed that the Palestinian issue had been definitively relegated to the periphery of international politics. That the main issue in the Middle East has become radical Islam, while the Arab League has turned a blind eye as the US and its satellites move embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, officially divided between Israel and the Palestinian state. And here we are! Iran has brought the issue up to date, and now Malaysia and Indonesia, for example, are planning to join the campaign.  Both, by the way, do not maintain diplomatic relations with Israel. The Iranian parade made it clear that Tehran is able to block the Persian Gulf by cutting off the Strait of Hormuz and halting oil logistics. The revolution in Sudan is the same kind of event. Chaos on the way from the Persian Gulf to the West — across the Red Sea, and around Africa. And then there is the Malacca Strait, which can be blocked by the efforts of Malaysia and Indonesia, who are also not indifferent to the problems of Palestine. And this is the connection between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, and its closure would put the world in a very difficult position. Whatever you like it or not, you’ll think of the Palestinians before you think of the Ukrainians. 

And this is just the beginning. So it turns out that yesterday the obedient to the West third world, aka the «global south», is preparing to say its word against the wishes of the hegemon.  Either the Russian-Chinese alliance turned the wheels of the Cold War, or the key countries simply held key elections in which the respective candidates won. For example, Lula da Silva, the newly elected president of Brazil, called on the Third World countries to abandon the use of dollars. Exactly in the format of the Russia-China agenda. And Brazil is a very important and powerful third world player.  

And that is not the only headache for the West, which could be far worse than Ukraine, which has been itching for a decade. On May 14, the world awaits the collapse of Erdoğan’s Turkey. It’s not being talked about out loud, but everyone who is in the know is already stocking up on popcorn. The media reports that Erdoğan may lose power, but «may» sounds somewhat ambiguous, although the sociology behind «may» is not at all optimistic for Erdoğan’s supporters. Moreover, there are already all the signs of an impending Maidan, such as contradicting ratings. And Washington has been dreaming of bringing down the Turkish leader since 2016. Only if he’s driven out, would it prevent the chaotization not even of Turkey, but of the Turkic world as a whole — from European Istanbul to the borders of the Celestial Empire?  It is totally clear that when Turkey’s stability is at stake, the Ukrainian issue will be pushed aside. 

And from there on, it’s more. In 2024, the relocation of Indonesia’s capital from Jakarta to the newly built city of Nusantara on the island of Kalimantan (replacing Java, which previously housed the key cities) will be completed. And to another island, which is not difficult to guess, not only will everyone move. More than a ten million Jakarta will be left out of the picture.  A third of the city will be flooded by the ocean in the next few years, purely as a result of global warming. That is, the population is scattering all over Java, sowing social tension, and of course radical Islam, which without such disasters is gaining popularity in this very poor country, even by the scale of the Third World. Anyone who has been to Indonesia is well aware of the level of religiosity in local society. And so are its reactions to the arrival of millions of refugees — former residents of the capital who have found themselves without a livelihood because of the government’s irresponsible policies towards the common man. Indonesia, again, is a key country in global logistics.  

No matter how we feel about the US and its hegemony, it seems the time for international unipolar diktat is coming to an end. The achievements of science and technology, created and put into widespread use by the global conversion of the late twentieth century, which created a fundamentally new matrix of information and digital society, are no longer an American know-how that ensured the right of the hegemon to reduce world governance to a step-by-step admission of countries and territories to this matrix, the price for which was a greater or lesser share of national sovereignty. However, every game comes to its logical end. The Andropov-Reagan era military-industrial complex capabilities are exhausted. The US of course retains the lead in AI and controls the production of lithographic equipment for making microchips, but in equally fundamental areas such as robotics and the fifth-generation Internet, China has pulled ahead. Of course, you can’t have robots without chips. But if you dig even deeper into more fundamental areas, such as organic chemistry, China once again takes the lead.  

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