The monkey is always right. How we all turned into a perfect tool

Physically a man is much inferior to a monkey: in agility, mobility and in jaw strength. Monkeys are capable of grabbing with all four limbs, jumping at times higher up their own height and capering unbelievably. Even the most worthless marmoset can easily take a camera or a bag out from a bigtime star martial artist. And it’s just a marmoset. But we also have the great apes. They are substantially bigger than both marmosets and us. And their mind is closer to us than to a marmoset. But the most important thing here is superiority of ape’s consciousness over ours, in its martial aspect, of course. An ape is free of reflection; it is not tantalized by moral issues. It, as they used to say in the era when the biblical myths were still relevant, has not partaken of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. And this ensures its advantage in any fight with a more advanced, yet prone to questioning, primate. Because in its eyes the monkey is always right. 

The monkey is always right. That’s why the militarism, in pursuit of bringing up a universal soldier, seeks to narrow a human mind downgrading man’s consciousness as close to one of the monkey’s as possible. And the traditions of such downgrading date back hundreds and even thousands of years. The Asian monasteries, where people deliberately train the ability to switch consciousness off; abduction of children into the Janissaries, or the Liberation Army of the Lord in today’s Uganda; the Western Army traditions confined to control of a man according to the Pavlov’s dog principle – “Left face forward march! Right forward march! By twos, Count off!”. And if they decided to drag a modern society into the scourge of war, it should first be brought back to a half-ape condition. Because the monkey is always right. 

The monkey is always right. That’s why the post-Soviet public has been peddled for many years with political TV talk shows, where the rich, successful people in power demonstrated a bluntly baboon behavior. The winner in this world, as they’ve been demonstrating, is he who’s more akin to the monkey, as if they called for a conflict with a neighbor to be solved in style of a fight between MP Mr. Redneck and MP Mr. Swine over the destiny of your homeland. And our geographical neighbors have been treated accordingly, getting them to be prepared for something mean – feeding them with jelly and roasted nightingales on a spit and all sorts of grilled duck tales. A shitstorm over the Ukrainian topic has become a political meme, it has been fueled for decades in press and social media, accompanied by the most horrid and archaic arguments and points of view – from direct insults to solidifying the theme of ethnic hostility in mass culture. Because the monkey is always right. 

The monkey is always right. That’s why the lies told during the war may never even come close to the tales from a bragging hunter or fisherman. Also, the monkey is fearless until the danger gets real, even if the logic of an unfolding situation makes the danger inevitable, but the monkey is alien to logic. When going to war, a man with the consciousness of a monkey sings happy songs about how he will kill the enemy, while when asked about the possibility of the enemy killing him he’d answer in surprise: “Why am I getting killed?”. And it would be like that until bullets start to fly over his head. And this is like it was in the old song sung by the Soviet pioneers: “It’s fun to walk through open spaces together with my friends.” And there is no direct link between bullets whistling past his ears and songs about how he is going to kill the male monkeys from the hostile tribe and rape their wives, and there would be no counter aggression from the hostile tribe. So, the losses are not something to be afraid of. Thousands of killed would not stop him. I was just singing. And the instinct for vengeance would drive the monkey into the fight to kill with more ferocity. Because the monkey is always right.  

The monkey is always right. And if its actions create discomfort for others, it is not at all the monkey’s headache, it is the problem of those, who suffer from the actions it created. And while it is in the process of decommunization of Ukraine with the army of homegrown or foreign-born decommunizers, the lives of civilians don’t matter. Let them hide in a basement while courageous baboons are on a showdown using all available means. Got killed? No big deal. Who’s gonna count ya’ll philistines! What difference does it make when we are fighting for our common future, which may not happen at all if the victory is yours, not ours. Because when confronting the monkey, we are wrong by default. But the monkey is always right. 

The monkey is always right. That’s why it hates anybody else’s opinion more than anything in this world. Because if the opinion does not coincide with one of the monkey, it would instantly destroy its monopoly on the truth. Therefore, the government that deliberately turns the citizens into monkeys will always forbid the alternative point of view. That’s why in Ukraine they’ve banned TV channels 112, NewsOne, Nash and other media where the oppositional points of view had been voiced. That’s why, as if following our example and experience, the neighboring Russia has banned the oppositional Dozhd, Echo, Medusa media outlets, and even Facebook was restricted. And this is just the beginning. Because countries at war would necessarily fall under the censorship of monkeys. Because the monkey is always right. 

The monkey is always right. Was, is, and will be. The only thing is that it lives like a monkey, but not like a man, although with its own rightness. It’s possible, that such a life may seem fun to somebody, but from the human point of view, it is not quite decent. Because, again, the monkey does not know the taste of fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, nor it desires to. Everything we’re proud of as the human achievements in culture and civilization is foreign to the monkey. Everything that is useless, unnecessary, and that destroys the monkey’s right to an absolute truth. And if we decided to stay human and live like human beings, it is important to always remember not only of your own right, but also of the right of others. As one of the great once said: “The freedom of one person stops where that of another person begins.”. And he who’s always right is the monkey. 

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